Csilla Ludanyi

Title: Finance Director
Phone: 281.333.4211, ext. 6284
Fax: 281.333.2301
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Personal History
Csilla earned her Bachelor of Arts in Political Science from Butler University (Indianapolis, IN) in 2000. She moved to Texas from the Midwest in 2002. Although she had never envisioned working for municipal government, she was hired by the City of Santa Fe, Texas, when she moved to the Houston area. She enjoyed it so well; she continued to pursue the career path when she was hired by the City of League City in 2006. While working at League City she completed a Master of Arts in Public Administration at the University of Houston. She was selected as the Finance Director for Nassau Bay in 2009.

Civic Service
As the Finance Director, Csilla is committed to providing the residents and taxpayers of Nassau Bay with clear and transparent financial information about the City’s fiscal health and operations. It is the goal of the Finance Department to safe-keep the City’s financial resources and assets in accordance with Federal, State and Local laws as well as the recommended best practices of the profession of government finance. The Finance Director oversees the Utility Billing, Accounts Payable, Accounting, Purchasing, Budget, Revenue Collections, Debt Management, Cash & Investment Management, and Payroll functions of the City. Should you have questions about the City’s fiscal information or operations, please visit the Financial Transparency page of our website or contact Csilla via phone or email

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