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Application for City Board, Commission, or Committee

  1. City of Nassau Bay
  3. Thank you for your interest in serving on a Board, Commission, or Committee for the City of Nassau Bay. Form information will be submitted to the Office of the City Secretary, and then forwarded to the appropriate committee for candidate selection. This application will be retained for one (1) year.
  4. Appointed Position Desired (check all that apply)
  5. Have you served on the Nassau Bay City Council?
  6. Have you served on another City's Council?
  7. Have you served on a Nassau Bay City Board, Commission, or Committee?
  8. Have you served on another City's Board, Commission, or Committee?
  9. Have you served on the board of a homeowner's association?
  10. Have you attended Nassau Bay 101?
  11. If you answered yes to previous volunteer service on a Board, Commission, Committee, or Homeowner's Association, or have other relevant outside experience, please describe your volunteer service here.
  12. I understand that appointments are solely at the discretion of Council and that this application is not the only basis of candidate selection.

    If appointed, I will accept the position and faithfully serve to the best of my ability.
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