What if I have to pay a court ticket while City Hall closed?

We have received calls asking how to handle municipal court citations or cases filed in the Nassau Bay Municipal Court. Due to the social distancing requirements and the Stay Home / Work Safe order from the Harris County Judge, the Municipal Court has put the following procedures in place.

  • Nassau Bay City Court has suspended all proceedings until at least April 19, 2020.
  • All court offices are closed at this time. There is no face to face contact with court staff, attorneys or the Judge. The court’s phone line is still being answered, however, staff is extremely busy answering the phones at this time.
  • The BEST method of contact with the Nassau Bay Municipal Court is by email at municipal.court@nassaubay.com. Not only does this allow court staff to answer you in a timely manner, this will give you documentation of your correspondence with the Court.
  • If you have been issued a ticket/citation and simply need to pay, you may do so by contacting the Court or court staff directly. Citations can be paid online at the following link at www.nassaubay.com/430/Citation-Options.

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