If City Hall is closed, how do I pay my water bill?

We want to make it as easy as possible for you to pay your utility account while City Hall is closed to the public. Here are some easy ways to help you making your timely payment:

  1. Online access is available for all utility accounts; online payment of accounts can be established by all customers at www.nassaubay.com/waterbill.
  2. Phone payment options are available to customers via credit card payment at 1-844-234-9886 (for payments less than $400).
  3. The utility drop box behind City Hall can be used for check or money order payment drop-off.
  4. Payments can be mailed to the City at 1800 Space Park Dr., Suite 200; Nassau Bay, TX 77058.

While the City responds to COVID-19, at this time, applications for new residential or commercial water service, and additionally, termination of service, will only be accepted by email to city.receptionist@nassaubay.com. Please do not fax, mail, or drop-off the application in person, as there will be a significant delay in response.

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