Lost or At-Large Animals

Lost Pets

If you have lost your pet:

  • Contact Animal Control immediately at 281.333.4211
  • Inform your neighbors that your pet is missing
  • Either email us a picture of your lost pet (cc to the City Receptionist) or bring a picture of your pet along to fill out a lost animal report at:
    City Hall
    1800 Space Park Drive
    Suite 200
    Nassau Bay, TX 77058

Found Pets

If you have found a pet and would like it to be picked up, contact Animal Control at 281.333.4211.

At-Large Animals

Any dog which is not restrained by means of a leash or chain of sufficient strength and not more than six feet in length to control the actions of such animal while off the premises, or any cat which is off the owner’s property is considered an animal at-large off the premises and is in violation of City Code.

Any dog not confined on the premises of the owner by a substantial fence of sufficient strength and height to prevent the animal from escaping is considered an animal at-large on the premises and is in violation of City Code.

Animal Redemption

An owner of a dog or cat wishing to claim their animal from the shelter must contact City Hall and make arrangements to pick up the animal and pay the fees. The pound fees are $20 a day. If the animal does not have a current City registration the registration fees will apply.

Cat & Dog Traps

Cat and dog traps are available to be checked out at the animal shelter. You must be a resident of Nassau Bay to check out a trap and have a form of ID with your address on it. There is a $35 deposit required that will be returned when trap is returned in good condition.