Animal Control


The Animal Control Division is responsible for Animal Code enforcement including control of dangerous or vicious animals, impoundment of animals found at large, providing humane animal traps for resident use, relocation of trapped animals, and rabies monitoring and control.

Helpful Tips

  • Always keep current identification on your pet
  • Do not assume your pet will come home on his own - report your lost pet immediately 
  • Introduce your pet to your neighbor so they are familiar with your pet
  • Keep a current picture of your pet


All dogs and cats are required by the City to have a City registration by the age of four months. For more information, please view Registration.

Or CLICK HERE for the online Pet Tag form, which allows you to submit your registration and pay online. 

An application for adoption must be completed and turned into the Nassau Bay Animal Control Office.
Adoption Application Form (PDF)

Support the Animal Shelter

If you are interested in supporting the Nassau Bay Animal Shelter, please mail a check to the City of Nassau Bay at:

City of Nassau Bay
Attn: Animal Shelter Donation
1800 Space Park Drive, Ste 200
Nassau Bay, Texas 77058

Or you can stop by City Hall (1800 Space Park Drive, Ste 200) and we would be more than happy to process a check, cash, or credit card donation.

Current Item Wishlist:
(These items don't have to be new, just in good condition)
  • Outdoor Dog Houses (Plastic igloo-type are great)
  • Large Blankets Without Stuffing