Volunteer with the City

The City of Nassau Bay has multiple opportunities for residents looking to volunteer or become involved in our incomparable community. 

Volunteer on a Board or Commission

The City of Nassau Bay continually seeks volunteers for city boards, commissions and committees, to fill vacancies and positions expiring throughout the year. Residents interested in volunteering are encouraged to apply through the online application form. Applications are also available from the City Secretary's Office at City Hall. Contact the City Secretary's Office at 228.336.6281 for more information.

Board of Adjustment: The Board of Adjustment has the power to hear and determine appeals from the refusal of building permits, appeals resulting from administrative decisions by City building inspectors, and to permit exceptions to or variations from the zoning regulations in cases or situations in accordance with the principles, conditions, and procedures specified in the zoning ordinance. 

Planning Commission: The duty of the Planning Commission is to accomplish the city’s planning and zoning functions to effect the orderly and desired growth, development, and beautification of the City. The Commission formulates a comprehensive master plan and consults with other city departments regarding planning. Proposed changes in zoning are recommended by the Commission to City Council. 

Economic Development Corporation: The Corporation seeks to promote and expand business enterprises within the City in order to ensure the continued economic growth of the City and the full employment, welfare, and prosperity of its citizens. 

Parks & Recreation Committee: The Parks & Recreation Committee has oversight for the development and use of the City’s parks and green spaces:  

TIRZ/RDA: The Authority was created to “aid, assist, and act on behalf of the City in the performance of its governmental functions to promote, manage, and finance the redevelopment of the City’s commercial areas and waterfront; and to promote the common good and general welfare of the City’s commercial areas and waterfront; and to promote, develop, encourage, and maintain employment, commerce, and economic development in Nassau Bay; and to perform the other purposes described in the Articles of Incorporation.” 

Charter Review Commission: Every five years the City of Nassau Bay appoints five citizens to a Charter Review Commission, in order to review, receive public input and provide a report to City Council on possible changes/amendments to the City of Nassau Bay Charter. 

Animal Shelter Advisory Committee: During the December 11, 2023 City Council Meeting, the City Council voted to approve the creation of an Animal Shelter Compliance Advisory Committee. Per Chapter 823 of the Texas Health and Safety Code, the governing body of a county or municipality in which an animal shelter is located shall appoint an advisory committee to assist in complying with the Health and Safety Code requirements. The advisory committee must be composed of at least one licensed veterinarian, one county or municipal official, one person whose duties include the daily operation of the animal shelter, and one representative from an animal welfare organization.  This committee shall meet at least three times a year. 

Volunteer for a Community Special Events

Special Events Committee: The City's Special Events Committee hosts several events throughout the year for our community. We thank these Committee volunteers, and one-time volunteers for each event, their continued service to the City of Nassau Bay and engaging our citizens with family friendly entertainment. Learn more about each of the special events, and how to volunteer for each event on our Special Events page: nassaubay.com/486/Special-Events

Annual Peninsula Cleanup: This annual cleanup is vital to keeping our waters and the peninsula a clean and safe place for people and wildlife. Each year, volunteers pick up tons of waste, including everything from plastic bottles and paper, to washing machines, and abandoned boats. Click here to volunteer for the next event: Annual Peninsula Cleanup

KNBB Fall Sweep: The KNBB Annual Fall Sweep is typically held in fall where volunteers tackle shoreline cleanup along Clear Creek, trim tree branches and shrubs, weed and mulch various areas, and complete other similar tasks around the City. Click here to volunteer for the next event: Fall Sweep

Beautification Day: The Garden Club of Nassau Bay typically holds their Beautification Day in late March from 8:30AM-11AM at five gardens.  The gardens are located in Swan Lagoon Park, in David Braun Park at the entrance and in the Reflection gardens, in Tranquility Arbor at Howard Ward Park, and at the Circle Garden on Upper Bay Road.  Volunteers will meet at the various gardens at 8:30AM to begin planting annuals, perennials, and bushes. Volunteers are also welcome to gather at the David Braun Park pavilion to register and grab a breakfast snack. Check back on this page to learn more!

Become a Member of the Volunteer Fire Department

The Nassau Bay Volunteer Fire Department (NBVFD) formed in 1967. The NBVFD is a chartered corporation of The State of Texas and operates under a contract with the City of Nassau Bay, Texas to provide Fire and Rescue Services to the citizens who work, visit, and live here.

The NBVFD currently has 43 members who are all volunteers. Our membership contains a wide variety of personnel from various backgrounds all providing a very important service to our community.

While we respond to emergencies whenever needed we usually meet on Tuesday nights at the fire station for meetings and training. The first Tuesday of every month is devoted to a general business meeting which all members are encouraged to attend. Our training drills are held on the second, third and fourth Tuesday nights. When the month has a fifth Tuesday it is set aside for maintenance drills.

The NBVFD is always looking for new members! If you are 18 years of age and are interested in helping provide a service to the community you live or work in, please contact us at 281.333.4211 ext. 2677.

For more information, including how to join the Nassau Bay Volunteer Fire Department, click here: Learn More About NBVFD

Regional Volunteer Opportunities

Join the Teen Explorer Crew at Space Center Houston! Applications accepted for this summer teen volunteer program through March 6, 2022. Ages 13 to 17 welcome to participate!

For more information, view the program flyer here.