New Voting Machines

The Next Generation of Voting Machines

Ahead of the May election, Harris County has purchased a new voting system, the HART InterCivic Verity Voting System. For the May 1st Election, Nassau Bay voters will cast their vote on the Verity Duo, which replaces the eSlate rotary wheel voting system which had been in place for almost two decades. 

The Verity system is considered hybrid voting with a better paper trail. Specifically, benefits of this new Verity system include a digital touch screen, more accessibility options for seniors and for voters with disabilities, a paper ballot of the voting record for the voter to verify, and an easily auditable backend process.

HART InterCivic Verity Voting System:

  • Paper Ballot: A paper copy of your selections which you can verify before submitting your vote into a secure ballot box onsite.
  • More Security: The collection of paper ballots and triple data back-up enhances security of the machines and allows for easier election audit tracking.
  • Accessible: Touch screen, ADA accessible controls, compact machines, and screen toggling features emphasizes an easier and faster voting experience

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