2020 General Election Results

Mayoral Runoff - December 12th Election Results

Congratulations to Mr. Bob Warters! The newly Mayor-Elect of the City of Nassau Bay!

And congratulations to our Nassau Bay voters, who turned out for this non-November election (normal City Council elections are in May). Unofficial results of the 2020 Runoff Election show 956 total Nassau Bay voters cast their vote for the December election, with voter participation percentages surpassing any of the other Harris County runoff elections. 

While the City awaits "official" results from Harris County, we can now declare Mr. Bob Warters the winner of the Mayoral runoff election.  Unofficial results show Mr. Warters with 534 votes to Ms. Graves with 422 votes. 

Runoff Results

To both Mr. Warters and Ms. Graves, the City of Nassau Bay would like to THANK YOU for investing your time and efforts in this democratic process. We thank you for your dedication to wanting to make Nassau Bay the best City to live, work, and play!