Tree Trimming


Do you trim trees or vegetation away from street lights or security lights? 

No. CenterPoint Energy will not trim ...See more

2020 FY20 CP Tree Trimming Brochure Opens in new windowWhen trees grow and extend into power lines, they can cause power outages and safety hazards for you and your neighbors. Prevent these problems by planting the “right tree in the right place,” and you won’t have to worry about us trimming or removing your trees once they grow. - See more 

Steps Before Planting

  • Determine Available Space 

Identify nearby power lines and their type:

Also look for nearby electrical equipment, like pad mount transformers or smart meters. Don’t plant trees, shrubs, plants or other vegetation where it can damage equipment or interfere with CenterPoint Energy’s ability to access it.

  • Choose a Tree

Knowing your space limitations, determine what tree species you want to plant.

Homeowners must call 811 before digging to avoid hitting underground utility lines.