City Secretary's Office

The City Secretary is appointed by the City Council of Nassau Bay, as recommended by the City Manager. The City Secretary's Office is primarily responsible for compiling and publishing the City Council agendas, attending each meeting of the City Council and maintaining a record of accurate minutes of the proceedings.  Agendas and minutes may be reviewed in the Archive Center.

In addition, the City Secretary is the custodian of all official City records, which includes but is not limited to ordinances, resolutions, contracts, easements, deeds of City-owned properties, and the Records Management Officer for the City of Nassau Bay.  

This office oversees publications and postings of legal notices and agendas of all boards and commissions of the City as well as monitoring and managing the terms and attendance of all board and commission members, coordinating municipal elections and overseeing special event permitting. Additionally, the City Secretary has a major responsibility for the preparation and supervision of City elections.

The City Secretary's Office also oversees the publication and codification of the City of Nassau Bay Municipal Code of Ordinances, and also provides information maintained by and for the city in accordance with requirements established by law in the Texas Public Information Act.

Open Records Request

According to Texas Government Code Chapter 552, the City of Nassau Bay operates as a governing body and information and records are subject to the Texas Public Information Act. The purpose of the Public Information Act is to maintain the people's control over the instruments they have created. The Act requires the Office of the Attorney General to construe the Act liberally in favor of open government.

If you would like to request records via the Public Information Act, please complete the online City of Nassau Open Records Request form.