For Class C Misdemeanor offenses, the initial punishment assessed is fine only, as Class C misdemeanors are fine only offenses. However, a municipal court may issue two types of arrest warrants:

  • Warrant of Arrest for failing to appear in court 
  • Capias Pro Fine warrant for failing to pay 

Warrant of Arrest

This type of warrant is issued by the Court when an individual does not appear in Court on or before his or her appearance date.

If you are arrested under this type of warrant, you may pay the fine or post a cash bond to be released from jail.  The bond posted may also be a surety or personal recognizance bond. 

Capias Pro Fine Warrant

The capias pro fine warrant is issued by the Court when an individual fails to satisfy a judgment according to its terms. For example, if you were on an installment plan, sometimes referred to as a time payment plan, and you failed to make a payment when due, then a capias pro fine warrant can be issued for your arrest.  

If you are arrested under a capias pro fine warrant, you do not have the option to post a bond.  You must pay the fine by cash, cashiers check, or money order or you will serve time in jail.