Permitting Procedure


The owner, general contractor, or builder may acquire permits for building in the City of Nassau Bay. 

Building permit applications may be submitted through the City's MyGov Public Portal permitting portal.

  • All contractors performing work within the City of Nassau Bay must be registered with the City and provide proof of general Liability insurance.... To start the registration process visit our MyGov New Collaborator Account.

Work requiring permits cannot start until the permit is issued by the Building Department. Permit applications must be reviewed and approved by department staff and all fees are calculated at that time.  Should any construction or installation of equipment begin without obtaining a permit, permit fees will be doubled.

New Residential Construction

The owner, architect, or general contractor will have to submit to the Building Department the following documents for plan review and approval:

  • Elevation certificate (if the building site is in a regulated flood zone)
  • Energy compliance plan review from someone certified by the International Code Council (res. check)
  • Plot plan or site plan depicting new construction, existing structures on site, and distances from lot lines
  • Property survey from a registered land surveyor
  • Two sets of plans showing architectural and structural drawings (must include electrical and plumbing plans)

New Commercial Construction

In addition to the items listed for new residential construction, the following items will have to be submitted:

  • Approval by the Planning Commission
  • Energy compliance plan review certified by the International Code Council (comm check)
  • Proof of registration with the Texas Accessibility Standards (if the project exceeds $50,000)
  • Site plan
  • Site survey from a registered land surveyor
  • Three sets of plans showing architectural and structural drawings (must include mechanical, plumbing, and electrical plans)

Additions, Modifications & Repairs

Structural, plumbing, electrical, gas, or cooling / heating equipment work require a permit. The owner or general contractor will submit a sketch of the proposed work, a copy of a current survey, and a rough construction cost estimate when applying for a building permit.

Swimming pools (including concrete work, electrical, gas, and plumbing) require permits and inspections. Foundation repairs and future re-adjustments also require permits and inspections.

Moving a House or Building

A structure being moved within or into the City of Nassau Bay requires a permit and should be coordinated through the Police Department.

Building Demolition

A demolition permit is required for demolishing a building or structure. Prior to demolition and the issuance of a demolition permit, an inspection for sewer, electric, and gas disconnect is required.

Permit Requirements for Crafts & Trades

The following professionals must register their current State license and provide a certificate of insurance before a permit can be issued:

  • Electricians
  • HVAC contractors
  • Irrigation contractors
  • Plumbing contractors

No permit will be issued without the names of the property owner and contractor on the permit application form.