Floodplain Management

General Information

The following information provides Nassau Bay residents with basic facts about flood insurance and property protection measures for flooding situations that occur.

If you live in Nassau Bay, you either live in or near an area that is subject to flooding. Determine your risk by looking at the latest Flood Insurance Rate Map June 2007.

These maps contain all of the accepted appeals and protests that became effective on June 18, 2007. You can view and download the maps on TSARP by using the Interactive Mapping Tool or the FEMA Preliminary Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) Lookup tool.

Valuable information from stream and rain gauges from Clear Creek and Clear Lake is available at Harris County Office of Emergency Management. You can view stream heights and rainfall amounts from numerous locations.

Changes to the National Flood Insurance Program

The U.S. Congress passed the Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 known as Biggert-Waters 2012 (BW12). The intent is to make the NFIP more financially stable. This will be done by raising rates on certain properties to reflect true flood risk and will trigger rate changes for properties within a revised or updated map area to accurately reflect the flood risk. Over time there will be rate increases for many policyholders. Some of the changes will occur in October 2013 and some will not occur until 2014. Buying a new house or letting a current flood insurance policy lapse will result in an immediate increase to actuarial rates. Below are two links to news releases from FEMA, Region 6, that give more details of the new act.

Flood Insurance Reform Act of 2012 (PDF)
FEMA - Changes Coming to the National Flood Insurance Program - What to Expect (PDF)