The Patrol Division is responsible for responding to calls for service throughout the Nassau Bay area. Patrol cars are dispatched throughout the City, and the officers handle criminal complaints and traffic accidents within the City. The patrol officers employ 10-hour shifts with an overlapping schedule, which allows for complete coverage of the entire City between the transition of shifts.

In addition to patrol, other units within the Patrol Division also serve the City:

  • Bicycle Patrol: Coverage of Nassau Bay can at times be difficult for patrol officers in cars. The Bicycle Patrol units offer an efficient, mobile police presence in areas, which helps to maintain a safe, secure environment for both individuals and businesses.
  • Marine Patrol: Nassau Bay Police Department’s Marine Division is comprised of sworn police officer’s who have been trained and are certified Marine Safety Enforcement Officers. These officers enforce all marine laws on the waterways. Officers who are assigned to the marine division combine their efforts with other local law enforcement agencies marine divisions to help in maintaining safety on their waterways in the Clear Lake area.
    The Marine Division also assists with boating accidents, drowning, rescues and the yearly Clear Lake Clean Up. During the Christmas holidays the Marine Division also assists with the Clear Lake Boat Parade as well as other parades along Clear Lake.