Municipal Court

The preferred method of contact with the Nassau Bay Municipal Court is by email at to allow court staff to answer you in a timely manner and provide documentation of your correspondence with the court. If you prefer to call, please leave a message and your call will be returned as soon as possible. 

If you have been issued a citation and need to pay, you may do so in person, over the phone or online at

 If you would like to request defensive driving or deferred if you qualify, you will need to contact the court. 

Municipal Court’s primary function is to process all Class C Criminal charges filed by the Police Department, Fire Marshals and Code Enforcement Officers alleged to have occurred within the territorial limits of the City of Nassau Bay.

 These include charges filed under the:

  • Alcoholic Beverage Code 
  • Education Code
  • Health and Safety Code
  • Nassau Bay Code of Ordinances 
  • Penal Code
  • Texas Transportation Code 

Presiding Judge:

The Honorable Holly Williamson

Associate Judges:

The Honorable Winifred Weber