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Disaster Recovery
The City of Nassau Bay wants to answer your questions and help you navigate the recovery process from Hurricane Harvey. This section of our website will contain a lot of information that will help you put your life back together after the event. We are working on updating this page as soon as we have information available so check back soon and often!

UPDATE September 22nd: The Red Cross financial assistance program for those affected by Hurricane Harvey is now open and the website is operational. The Red Cross will provide $400 to qualified Texas households that were severely impacted by Harvey and need help taking care of emergency needs right now. Severely impacted households that need immediate assistance can apply at You can apply on your cell phone, computer or tablet with a valid email address. Registration will remain open through October 10th. Get additional information on our Assistance & Donations section.

UPDATE September 14th: FEMA will be utilizing the Webster Civic Center located at 311 Pennsylvania Ave., in Webster, as a Disaster Recovery Center for those who have been affected by Hurricane Harvey. Beginning on Thursday, September 14, the center will be open 7 days a week from 7 a.m.-7 p.m. until all victims have been serviced.

UPDATE September 14th: Debris service continues. Please note, debris pick up routes are chosen by the contractor and are not controlled by the City. Please continue to be patient as the debris is picked up during the initial pass. If only a portion of your debris was picked up, your remaining debris may be out of the City's right of way. The contractor will not pick up out of the ROW so please move the remaining debris closer to the curb. It will be picked up on the next pass. Please continue to keep the area in front of debris piles clear of vehicles so the truck can access the debris. After the debris truck picks up the discarded material, please be a good neighbor and sweep up the area. The contractor makes an effort to clean as they go, but there may be debris left over.

UPDATE September 11th: Debris pick up is scheduled to recommence today, September 11th. This notice comes after several delays in debris pick up from contractor mechanical issues. Please continue to have debris sorted and in the appropriate location. Updates will continue on social media and on our website. We apologize for the inconvenience. Additionally, Ameriwaste trash services return to normal operations the week of September 11th. This include back-door pick up service and recycling.

UPDATE: September 5th: Mayor Mark A. Denman would like to address the residents of Nassau Bay after the events of Hurricane Harvey. You can view the full letter HERE. To view the PDF version of this letter, click here: A Letter From the Mayor of Nassau Bay

What to Do If Your Home Suffered Storm Damage
There are a few things you need to know and do if your home suffered storm damage. It is very important to contact your insurance company immediately, but the City also needs to gather this information too, so please complete our Flood Damage Report Form. Nassau Bay also has a process in place that allows us to track the repair costs in our community. Learn more...

Debris Removal Assistance Program
If your home was damaged in the storm, the City of Nassau Bay will be offering Hurricane Harvey Debris Removal Assistance. Debris removal will begin on Saturday, September 9, 2017, between the hours of 7:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Please separate your debris according to this flyer. Learn more about this program...

Disaster Scams
A natural disaster not only leaves lives uprooted in its wake, it can also bring price gougers, scam artists, and bogus charities into our community. We'll help you be informed and help you understand how to better protect yourself. Learn more...

Assistance & Donations
Find out more information about FEMA, how you can receive assistance, or where you can donate goods and money to help Nassau Bay citizens. Learn more about how to get help or how to give help...

Stay Informed
Nassau Bay's Emergency Alert system allows City Officials to quickly send alerts via phone, email, or text message directly to residents and businesses. Hurricane Harvey reminds us more than ever the importance of staying informed prior to, during and after a disaster. These alerts help keep you informed and safe in the event of emergency situations, including: severe weather, road construction, water issues, etc. Sign up and learn more...

Follow Us On Social Media
Our Communications department does its best to try and communicate on several different channels including social media. During Harvey, these channels were vital in getting out information quickly. Follow us on social media for updates on events as they happen and other important information. Join us on Facebook or Nextdoor.


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