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Water Leaks
City Responsibilities
As indicated in the Customer and City Water Meter Responsibilities, the City is responsible for operation and maintenance of the water distribution system up to the point of connection to the private water system on the customer's side of the water meter.

Customer Responsibilities
The customer is responsible for the operation and maintenance of their private water system from the point of connection on the customer's side of the water meter and throughout their complete water system on private property.

Therefore, the customer is responsible for all water leaks on the customer's side of the water meter. By design, a water meter can only register flow which passes through the meter; therefore all water usage registered by a water meter is the responsibility of the customer to pay for the water and related sewer fees associated with water flow recorded by a water meter - including all flows which may result from a water leak on the customer’s side of the water meter.

If a customer has a water leak at any point from the connection to the water meter on the customer’s side of the meter, the customer should have a licensed plumber repair the leak.

If the customer thinks that there is a leak in the City’s water line from the water main to the customer's side of the water meter, the customer should contact the City immediately and the site will be inspected and repairs made to any City-owned water line.

It should be clearly understood, however, that a water leak on City water lines cannot have any impact on the recorded water flows through the water meter.


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