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Irrigation System Requirements
Landscape irrigation systems which are connected to the City’s water system present a common situation which could result in reverse water flow from a customer connection into the City’s water system. Therefore, all landscape irrigation systems must be designed, installed, and maintained in accordance with applicable Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) irrigation system requirements - including the use of an appropriate backflow preventer.

A permit for all irrigation systems must be obtained from the City of Nassau Bay building official prior to initiation of the installation of an irrigation system. This permit will provide instructions on the design, installation, and inspection requirements.

Customer Responsibilities
When irrigation systems are connected to a customer’s private lines through a separate water meter, the customer is responsible for assuring that the lateral line providing water from the City’s water system to the customer is adequate to provide the volume and pressure needed by the customer’s private water lines.

If additional water lateral lines are required from the City’s water mains, the customer is responsible for all costs associated with providing those lines and appurtenances.


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