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Customer & City Water Meter Responsibilities
City Responsibilities
The City owns, operates, and is responsible for the complete water distribution system to the customer’s side of the water meter. The City owns all water lines, appurtenances, water meter, water meter box, and connections up to the connection to the private water line on the customer side of the water meter.

Nassau Bay, as water purveyor, is responsible for the quality of water supplied to the farthest tap on private property. This responsibility includes the authority to inspect and enforce water quality protection requirements of all water users on their private property. This City responsibility does not relieve water customers of their responsibilities for assuring that their water distribution system on their private property complies with all applicable regulatory and plumbing codes.

Customer Responsibilities
The customer is responsible for the construction, operation, and maintenance of their water system from the point of connection on the customer’s side of the water meter.

Customer Service Inspections
All new water service connections, all water connections to locations with significant construction modifications, and any water connection to locations which potentially could have conditions on private property which could negatively impact the quality of water of the City’s water distribution system are subject to a customer service inspection at the City’s sole discretion.

A customer service inspection can only be provided by a licensed (by the TCEQ) customer service inspector, by a master plumber, or by a licensed plumber with a Customer Service Inspection license rider addition (by the TCEQ).

A customer service inspection is solely for the purpose of making a determination if the City will allow water to be supplied to a private water connection. This decision is based on whether conditions exist on the private property, to the farthest tap, which could potentially present a threat to the water quality of the City’s water system.

If deficiencies in the water plumbing system on the private property inspected are identified which could potentially pose a threat to the water quality in the City’s water system, water service will not be provided to the customer until such deficiencies are eliminated.

Additional Information
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