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What Can You Do
Flooded areaWays to Help Prevent Flooding
Several of the City’s efforts depend on your cooperation and assistance. You can help the City by:
  • Not dumping or throwing anything into ditches or streams - Dumping into our ditches and streams is a violation of our Flood Damage Prevention Ordinance (No. 2000-511). Even grass clippings and branches can accumulate and plug the storm sewers. A plugged storm sewer cannot carry water and when it rains the water begins to back up. Every piece of trash contributes to flooding.
  • Doing your part to keep the banks clear of brush and debris if your property is next to a ditch or stream - The City has a maintenance program which can help remove debris and major blockages, such as downed trees.
  • Reporting dumping or debris in ditches or streams - To report, please call City Hall at 281.333.4211 during regular business hours or 281.333.4200 after hours. 
  • Always checking with the Building Department before you alter, re-grade, place fill, or build onto your property - A permit may be required to ensure that projects do not cause problems on your property or neighboring properties.
  • Contacting the Building Department at 281.333.4211 - If you see building or filling without a City permit posted at the work location.

Additional Information
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