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Posted on: September 27, 2017

Debris Update: Contractors Making Progress in City

The debris contractor is making progress as they move throughout the City. If contractors do not pick up all of your pile, please make sure to move the remaining debris to the curb for pickup. Do not stack debris next to trees, utility poles, or under low hanging trees. Please continue to ensure debris is properly separated.

We are aware that some small debris piles have not been picked up.  Rest assured, the contractor is aware of the debris in the City. The contractor is picking up large debris piles now, and as of today, has picked up 4325 cubic yards of debris. As a reminder, do not stack debris next to trees, utility poles, or under low hanging trees. 

Debris that is located on narrow streets, courts, or cul-de-sacs will be picked up. The configuration on the debris truck will need to be reconfigured to allow the truck to maneuver on these streets. We are working with the contractor for dates for this. The reconfiguration reduces the amount of debris they can haul by half, resulting in additional trips to the landfill and wait times for unloading.

Vegetative debris is slowly beginning to be picked up, but will increase once most construction and demolition debris has been removed. Household hazardous waste pickup should begin pick up next week.

Note that any contractors performing new construction or repair work are responsible for the debris they generate. The contractor will not pick up any debris that was not generated by the storm.

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