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Posted on: September 5, 2017

A Letter From the Mayor of Nassau Bay

Dear Nassau Bay,

As the Labor Day weekend comes to a close, I am humbled by the community spirit of Nassau Bay, and start this letter with a tremendous, “Thank you.” The events of this week were historic for Texas, and the United States, and imposed an enormous strain on the entire Bay Area. My prayers and thoughts are with the families who lost loved ones and/or are suffering due to damage to their homes.

Although the extreme weather invoked a moment of murkiness, the beauty of Nassau Bay never wavered. Our splendor shines brighter today than it did before. Our City sets the example for other municipalities around the nation because of our sense of community, displayed togetherness and spirit. There were neighbors reaching out to neighbors, residents loaning equipment for search and rescue to NBVFD, past residents reaching out to help, churches and community groups organizing relief efforts, and local businesses supporting operational readiness. I do not have the words to express the pride I feel to be Mayor of this City.

I extend my gratitude to the preparedness and hard work of our City staff who have spent countless hours ensuring our City’s well-being and keeping the residents informed through the events of Harvey. Staff displayed their abilities, from preparation to recovery, and continue to go above and beyond by accommodating residents’ needs and concerns.

Nassau Bay’s Emergency Operations Management is an office led by one individual, Jamie Galloway, but he packs a mighty punch. I extend much gratitude to his efforts to keep us prepared, informed and operational for such events as Harvey. His dedication to his vocation is why he is considered a premier emergency manager in Texas. His expertise will also pay huge dividends to our City as we apply for federal assistance to cover Harvey related costs, mostly clean up, repair and asset replacement.

To our first responders…I cannot give you the accolades you deserve as words are not enough. To our Police Department, Nassau Bay Volunteer Fire Department and Nassau Bay EMS- I extend a heavenly “Thank You.” I want to give a shout out to each of these departments for their efforts and want to recognize their department heads:
  • Chief Kenneth Campbell: Nassau Bay Police Department
  • Chief Tom George: Nassau Bay Volunteer Fire Department
  • Chief Shawn Doyle: Nassau Bay EMS
The City’s Public Works department is led by Paul Lopez, whom many know by his gracious attitude and the department’s willingness to help. His team spent days on end ensuring our way of life on the peninsula was back to normal in no time. The disruptions we had were not caused by a lack of preparation, but by the overwhelming inundation of rain. Paul’s team did not complain and just kept moving forward to safeguard our lifestyle. Thank you.

There are many other staff members who contributed to our welfare and I applaud you for your efforts. As normality returns to the streets of Nassau Bay, remember, our community is what makes Nassau Bay a premier City. You all continue to give and support each other, even in challenging times, and for that, I tip my hat.

It is important to note that 16 of our city employees suffered damage to their own homes. A Gofundme account has been set up by Stacey Amdur, our Special Events Chairman and wife of Councilmember Jonathon Amdur, to give residents a way to show their thanks via their wallet/purse. See the link below to donate. Almost $15,000 has already been raised so please give, if you can, even if only $10 or less.

And please continue to monitor the City’s website,, or visit our new site, to monitor all aspects (trash, debris pickup, and restoration efforts) relating to recovery, and the City’s social media for updates. Thank you again to all - city staff, first responders, volunteers, etc. for making Nassau Bay a great place to live love.


Mark A. Denman
City of Nassau Bay

To view the PDF version of this letter, click here: A Letter From the Mayor of Nassau Bay
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