2016 FMA Home Elevation

Nassau Bay is on a roll with home elevations

This was the second grant application of home elevations for the City, which saw a large influx of applications after residents starting seeing such success with the first grant. Nassau Bay was fortunate to have 13 more homes elevated with this application, but the City had to deny over 20 more homes to meet FEMA's benefit cost analysis tool. 


Each grant application takes more than a year before a home starts the actual elevation process. Unfortunately, since the 2013 FMA grant had the contractor bankruptcy, the elevation construction was delayed - then Harvey came. 

The homes in this grant did flood, which caused further delays, not to mention frustration. 

Finishing up

The homes were eventually elevated, but not without more contractor complications. The owner of the elevation company passed away after multiple homes were already in the elevation process. After a year, the City was able to work with the bond/insurance company and proceed with the home lift.