Street Maintenance

The Streets Committee oversees a comprehensive program of inspecting, evaluating, and prioritizing for capital construction improvements which covers the entire street system within the City. At least one capital improvement program is executed each year to replace or repair damaged or aging streets. Public Works provides continuous point repairs for localized street and related stormwater inlet damage.

City Street Sweeping Services

Periodically, the City provides street sweeping services. When approaching slow-moving street sweeping equipment, vehicles must approach the equipment slowly and pass only when on-going traffic is clear, and the street sweeping equipment is not in the process of making turns.

Street Restrictions & Regulations

Detailed restrictions and regulations pertaining to city streets are included in Nassau Bay City Ordinances Article II Sections 19-20 through 19-33.

Commonly Encountered Restrictions & Regulations

  • The maximum speed limit throughout the City of Nassau Bay is 25 miles per hour (mph), unless specifically posted differently.
  • All vehicles approaching from either direction toward a school bus stopped on the street or highway to receive or discharge a student:
    • Shall stop before reaching the school bus when the bus is operating a visual signal as required. May not proceed until:
      • The school bus resumes motion
      • The vehicle operator is signaled by the bus driver to proceed
      • The visual signal on the school bus in no longer actuated
  • Continuous parking limitation: In all areas of the city where parking is not otherwise prohibited, no person shall park a vehicle or motor vehicle as defined in the Texas Transportation Code on any street or right of way of the City for a continuous period of time in excess of 48 hours. This prohibition of parking in excess of 48 hours shall be especially construed to mean all residential streets of the City of Nassau Bay.
  • Vehicles approaching from either direction must stop for pedestrians who are in marked pedestrian crossing lanes which cross the street. This requirement also applies for pedestrians who are on either side of the street, in marked pedestrian crossing lanes, and are in the process of crossing the street.
  • Bicycles are allowed on sidewalks, unless prohibited by neighborhood association rules.
  • Bicycles can also use all City streets. When in City streets, bicycles are considered vehicles and must be accorded the same access and consideration of all other vehicles.
  • All street and roadway requirements of the Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) and the Texas Department of Public Safety (TDPS) apply throughout the City of Nassau Bay unless specifically modified by City Ordinance.