Flood Damage Prevention

Damage Prevention Tips

There are several ways to protect a building from flood damage, including:

  • Protect your building by re-grading your lot or by building a small floodwall or earthen berm. These methods work if your lot is large enough, if flooding is not too deep, and if your property is not in the floodway. The Building Department can provide you with a flood zone determination prior to construction. 
  • Protect your business by raising it above flood levels. Many houses, even those not in the floodplain, have sewers that may back up during heavy rains. For sewer backup flooding information, talk to a plumber about installing a backflow prevention valve. 
  • Protect your building by selecting building materials that are moisture resistant.

These measures are called flood damage prevention or retrofitting. Remember, any alteration to your building or land may require a permit from the Building Department. Even re-grading or filling in the floodplain requires a permit.

When a Flood is Imminent

If you know a flood is coming, you should shut off the gas and electricity and move valuable items upstairs. Keeping a detailed checklist prepared in advance will help ensure that you do not forget anything.

Additional Information

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