City Master Plan

The comprehensive planning document for the development of the City submitted by the Planning Commission was approved submitted in 2015. It contains the Commission’s recommendations for growth, development, and beautification of the City.

View the full plan here: City of Nassau Bay Comprehensive Master Plan (pdf)

This plan incorporates plans and results of the significant efforts of a number of City organizations, committees, and subcommittees including:

  • City Council 
  • Economic Development Corporation
  • City staff and departments
  • Subcommittee on Flooding
  • Subcommittee on NASA Parkway Enhancements
  • Parks and Recreation Committee 
  • Special Events Committee 

The Plan places maximum emphasis and consideration on maintaining and/or improving the high standards of Nassau Bay and preserving the exceptional quality of lifestyle the City offers its residents. The Plan recommendations are a guide to the City Council, city manager, and citizens of Nassau Bay for the development and maintenance of the City.

The Plan contains numerous drawings that are of interest to residents. These are listed below and are available for viewing and download. The files are large and may take time to download, so please be patient: